Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Trip Highlights

Some highlights from our trip... first my Dad's and then mine. All comments are mine.

Dad's Highlights:
1) Seeing Bethie
2) Seeing the beautiful mountains
3) Seeing Beth's town and room
4) Cafe Andino (where we got coffee and milkshakes every night we were in Huaraz)
5) The Lazy Dog Inn

Beth's Highlights:
1) Seeing my Dad
2) Hot showers
3) Showing Dad my site and introducing him to my friends
4) The food at Lazy Dog Inn
5) The strike - mainly because it got me four extra days with my Dad

The strike is currently being suspended for five days. I'm not sure what else the protesters are hoping to gain since the government did rescind the license to the mine. Regardless, Dad and I will be leaving Huaraz tomorrow, he'll be flying out on Thursday morning and I'll hopefully be returning to Huaraz Thursday afternoon before the strike starts up again.

Just a reminder that this kind of stuff isn't normal for Peru. So don't cancel your travel plans. Just look at the pictures of the mountains, imagine you're there, and call your local travel agency. I'll be waiting at the airport to welcome you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I have a family member in a nearby area and I wanted updates on the situation. Yours were great!