Saturday, March 12, 2011

That's Not My Name

One of my official theme songs in Peace Corps is “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting Tings. Somehow, I have acquired quite a few names during the past nine months.

The obvious ones:

- Beth

- Elizabeth

The not-so-obvious ones:

- Bess

- Ellie

- Bet

The I-know-you-actually-know-my-name-so-this-is-just-annoying ones:

- Gringa

- Gringita

- Professora

- Voluntaria

I’m pretty sure that I already outlined the whole Beth/Bess confusion from training earlier in this blog. And yes, being called Ellie is completely my own fault since I introduced myself as Ellie at site in order to escape another Bess fiasco. But it does all get very confusing when my Peace Corps friends come to visit and I’m suddenly trying to respond to any number of names (and languages) at one time.

While in Lima for training, I had the honor of meeting Stacy Rhodes, the third highest director in the Peace Corps. Not Peace Corps Peru… but the Peace Corps, period. Actually, I met Stacy Rhodes three times. And each time I was using a different name. Let me explain.

I originally met Mr. Rhodes at the Peace Corps office and, since I was with a Peace Corps friend, introduced myself as Beth.

The next day, Mr. Rhodes came to our training event. Since I was with my community partner my nametag read “Ellie”. I re-introduced myself to Mr. Rhodes who said he remembered me from the day before and we had a discussion about using different names.

That evening, Mr. Rhodes was in the receiving line at the Embassy and, when he saw me, said “Hi Beth… or Ellie.” I pointed at my Peace Corps issued nametag which read “Elizabeth” and said that I was actually going by a third name that night. He laughed and I smiled knowing that, for a day at least, Stacey Rhodes knew three of my names.

Now you know all of my names. I sometimes get Facebook posts from people saying that they’ve been reading my blog and it’s made me wonder… who is actually reading this nonsense I post every couple of weeks? So I have a favor to ask of everyone reading this, right now. Please comment on this entry and tell me your name. Think of it as a virtual roll call. Thanks!

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3) Choose an identity – if you have a Google account you can use it or else just click “anonymous”, even though you won’t be because you’ll have told me your name in step 2. Remember, it’s only fair. I just told you all of my names.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bets or Bethy,

Two more names you forgot from home. . .

Love you.


Future FSA said...

Fun fact, "bethinperu" is also a blog about a Beth in Peru...though it wasn't the Beth (or Ellie...or Elizabeth...) I was looking for...nor was it the timeframe...and I was momentarily confused because the whole layout had changed. That is all.

Peter; Pete; P-Tacular; Ridisculous; etc.

Carl said...

Hello Pepper,

Love You Grandpa

Scott said...

Hey Bethie

Oostburg boys are going to state.


CarynD said...

Hello B -

You forgot that one too! Love you. And oh wait, yeah I leave in a few hours to see you!

Love you,
C aka Caryn or C-Dawg

CarynD said...

and...really Peter? Ridisculous?


Jen said...

I'm reading too and thinking of you often. I don't have many interesting names, though. Mostly it's just Jen.

Anonymous said...

Bethie Boom!
we love you
Aunt Jane & Uncle Doug

Anonymous said...

So, I have a handful of names that I respond to... none of which I'm going to leave the background on... First of course is Alisa, then there is Peanut, Honk, Puppy, Babe, Al, and then there are the incorrect ones: Alicia, A-Lisa, Alisha, and believe it or not, twice I was called Elizabeth!

Thinking of you!

Katherine said...

Hey, Beth!

It's Katherine, John William's sister from Boston. My mom shared with me your blog... it's fun to stay connected to what you and John William are doing in Ancash.

Congrats on the Packers win!


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth! You'll always be Beth to me. One of my best friends through High School and College was my cousin Beth. I also called her Miss Betsy, a character in one of my forensics speeches. I became Miss Yonsey. We had to put extra s's at the end of our words to get the proper accent down. I'll never forget how Miss Betsy would sabotage my grocery list by adding extra s's... Soaps, Breads, Milks, Noodleses, Cheeses, etc. You'll remember these names throughout your lifetime and most likely look back with a smile!Hope you are having a great time with Becky and Caryn. And Happy ALMOST Birthday...your card will probably be late, Sorry!
Patti Duenk

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY BETH! Have a great time celebrating. So glad you have some friends from back home to help make your day extra special. Can't wait to hear about today's adventures. Enjoy!
God's Blessings,
Larry and Patti Duenk

BAV said...

Hi Beth! I've been trying to keeps tabs on our Peru 15 YD vicariously through you guys while I'm in the DC-based development world. So happy to see you're doing well!!

-Bianca (Biankita, B, Bonky, Bink)

Becky said...

Hey Beth!
Thanks for the AWESOME time in Peru!

Miss you already!

Becky, Becks, B*, Becko, and your personal favorite: Booky

Anna said...

Hi Bethie!
I can't believe it is June and I am just now catching up on your blog posts. You have such a great blog going! Keep the posts coming! I promise to read them less than three months later. ;)

I'm almost always called Anna, but in the past year I've also picked up the nickname Lazer. It started during a game of ping-pong with my amazing lazer shots, and has stuck because apparently I'm pretty intense about life.

Love you Bethie!


Kate said...

Hey Beth!

Just caught your Facebook post about your most recent blog (I am ashamed to admit that I've never read it before so I am backtracking and what I've read so far is awesome! The Ten Pas's are awesome blog writers!)

The only names I remember for you are Bethy and Bethy Boomie.

My nicknames are: Trouble (forget why), Grinchy (because I was seen taking down the foundry Christmas tree in late January)Crash (this was before my car accident actually, I spun out into a ditch one winter, it was reinforced after my crash though) and Kiddo (because I'm youngest in the office, though some of the other ladies have been called this by an older co-worker)