Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Maybe Baby

I recently posted a Facebook status update that said "Pretty sure my host sister just had a baby. Super excited!!!" The key words in that statement were "pretty sure". Because, despite the fact that I live with these people, there was uncertainty about whether or not my host sister, Amelia, was preggers. So I will present you with the evidence:

- One day I was at the health post waiting four hours for a meeting (a completely different story) and Amelia came in to see the OB/GYN. After a few minutes, Narcizio, a dude about the same age as me and Amelia, awkwardly entered the health post and joined the meeting.
- Amelia looked like she was gaining weight but it was difficult to tell due to the layers and layers of polleras (the traditional skirts that women wear here). Seriously, look at this picture... would you guess that Amelia was seven months pregnant? (just an FYI: that's my host niece, Judy. She may be my favorite person in this country.)

- There is some evidence that Narcizio moved in with my host family. This evidence mainly consists of me seeing him at various meals at various hours. And hearing his voice around bed time.
- Last Thursday, I was in bed reading at 11pm and assumed that my host family was sleeping because I couldn't hear anyone talking or the television. But when I turned my overhead light off I could see that the lights upstairs were turned on. Even stranger, a car parked outside of the house and I could hear someone leaving the house and, presumably, getting into the car.
- When I called Amelia on Friday she told me that she was in the hospital but that she was okay and would be home the following day.

When I returned to site on Sunday, I was pretty certain that Amelia had given birth. I was confused because I see Amelia on an almost daily basis and talked to her while she was in the hospital and she never once alluded to being pregnant. Is there really that much embarassment about being an unwed mother? Did they think I wouldn't notice a baby in the house? How unobservant do they think I am?

So on Sunday I went to my best source of family gossip - my four year old host niece. "Judy," I asked, "do you have a new brother? Is there a baby in the house?" "SI!" she replied.

I was hesitantly excited.

On Monday, my friend Sylvia came to visit and we had lunch with my host family. Amelia was missing but Narcizio was in attendance. "Where's Amelia?" I asked. Conspiritorial glances were cast around the kitchen and my host dad replied that she was resting. "Resting from what?!?" I wanted to cry. "Giving birth three days ago!?!" But I kept my mouth shut.

When we were done eating, Narcizio asked if we'd like to visit Amelia. "Yes!" I said, my eyes lighting up. Narcizio led Sylvia, Judy, and I to Amelia's dark bedroom. It took a moment to spot the tiny bundle lying next to Amelia in bed - a beautiful baby boy.

We have a baby in the house and I couldn't be more excited! Now I'm just hoping that Amelia and Narcizio get married because a) Narcizio seems like a pretty legit dude and it seems like he makes Amelia happy and b) I really want to go to the wedding.

Oh, the baby's name. I would love to share it with you but I'm not sure what it is. When I asked Judy she told me the name of the puppy. When I asked Amelia she had to ask Narcizio because she didn't even know. It starts with an "A". I'll let you know.

"Tener luz" means to give birth but it's literal translation is "to have light". I find that strangely beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Beth, This is a most remarkable story. An even better story was one in which a long lost friend posts a comment for the first time since his friend has been away. Good luck with figuring out who this comment is by. I wish you luck because I know by reading this blog that you don't have any sort of investigative skills.

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Anonymous Commenter...

I'm going to need some sort of hint...


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I am Left and She is Right