Friday, October 14, 2011

Application Form

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...because it would a been a miserable business to have any unfriendliness on the raft; for what you want, above all things, on a raft, is for everybody to be satisfied, and feel right and kind towards the others.” - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

An application to join my team for an up-coming Great Amazon River Rafting Race:



How do you know me?

Do you mind getting sunburned?

How important do you think eating is?

Are you will to earn some blisters?

How do you deal with boredom?

Do you enjoy singing?

Do you know the words to at least thirty songs, including “I Will Survive”?

Are you will to risk your life for only a t-shirt?

Are you comfortable urinating in your pants?

Does monotony bother you?

Would you describe yourself as competitive?

How long do you hold a grudge?

Do people describe you as being a “complainer”?

Are you able to push through physical pain?

Are you easily discouraged?

Are you willing to embarrass yourself?

Do you mind sleeping in a school with 150 strangers?

Have you ever paddled anything before?

Are you afraid of water?

Additional Comments:

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