Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ten Reasons JAG is the Best Show Ever

1. The high waisted pants.
2. The assurance that the female JAG officer will be captured at gunpoint at some point almost every episode
3. The obvious use of outside footage (favorites: clips of Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton)
4. The military language
5. The feeling that every episode is like a season of 24
6. The absence of romantic storylines
7. The hats
8. The unexpected amount of uncaptioned Spanish
9. Because now I wish I had a ghillie suit
10. Did I mention the uniforms?

Kidnappings, missing fathers, spies, gun fights, world travel, helicopters, bad B roll, prisons, gang warfare, astronauts, implausible storylines, McGyver-esque escapes, mystery, intrigue... what more could you want from a TV show?

Semper Fi.


Liam Lama said...

Haha! brilliantly funny post! some excellent observations, keep up the good work :)

Portugal said...

JAG has been my favorite TV Series of all times. I'm very happy to have completed my collection of the 10 seasons. I'm enjoying watching it enormously.