Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Run

I hate running. When I try to run, my body just starts yelling at me. "Stop that!" it says. "We don't run. We bike. We hike. We dance. We do NOT run."

I hate running. But I hate feeling stressed and angry even more. And, more often then not, that's exactly how I've been feeling lately. Stressed and angry.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend passed me a pdf of "Th Complete Idiot's Guide to Running and Jogging" circa 1998. This treasure of a book includes a couch to 30 minutes of running in 30 days plan and I quickly decided to go for it, despite my hatred of running. I can't bke, hikng is just a part of my daily life, and my daily dance parties just aren't cutting it. I would have to run.

In the beginning, I loved my runs. Bill Rodgers, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide..." instructed me to run 4 times a week and I would feel antsy on the days couldn't run. I loved going out ono my trail, jumping over holes, and concentrating to no tumble off the narrow ledges. Gulliver would run behind me and, frankly, look extra adorable with his ears flying behind him.

And then disaster struck. On Wednesday, I went out for my run and there was just nothing in me. No energy. No motivation. Nothing. A common problem I'm sure. So I skipped my run yesterday. And today. But tomorrow I need to somehow find the motivation to get out there and just run.

That's where you come in, dear Blog Reader. I'm telling you thisso you can hold me accountable. My goal is to do a 10K when I return home. So, please, hold me accountable, bug me until I run, and tell me that all of my excuses are totally bogus. Or, even better, come run with me. We'll hold each other accountable and celebrate my return to America by torturing our bodies in pursuit of a runner's high. I've already roped one person into this insanity with me... let me know if you're willing to join us.


Jen said...

Go run! It's a pain in the ass and I also kind of hate it, but I got addicted when I noticed how much better I feel mentally and physically when I'm running fairly regularly. That said, the running part still pretty much sucks. Except when some miracle occurs and it doesn't. Ruth said to me recently, "I want have gone for a run," as in past tense, which exactly sums up how I feel about running.

Anonymous said...

RUN BETH RUN!!!! I will run on my treadmill for 1/2 laps (occasionally...when the weather isn't nice) and think of you when I do!
Aunt Jane

Kate said...

I recently joined Planet Fitness (next to the old Walmart in Sheboygan) and the first time I went I had my pump up, hard core music playing and I got on the treadmill, started walking and just started smiling. Excited that I'm working out and getting relatively in shape. Since then I haven't smiled while there, but I am proud of myself for being able to run/walk on the treadmill. Start off walking briskly for 3 minutes and then run (jog) for 3, back and forth between the two for about 12 minutes. For me that's what works, not straight out jogging for 12 minutes (I would die) but running and cooling off for a few minutes before going again. Also up beat music helps too, especially songs where I can time my footfalls to the beat to keep even paced running. Seems to make it easier. :)

You can do it!