Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An Average Day in Peru...

I realized yesterday that my posts seem to be revolving around my weekend trips and the exciting things that happen here. So I thought I would write about what my average day here is like...

7:30 - Wake up, get ready for the day, finish my homework, etc.
8:30 - Breakfast (usually a bowl of fruit and piece of bread)
8:40 - Walk to school
9:00 - Spanish classes begin
11:00 - Computer time! I read my e-mail, update my blog, and generally feel connected to home again.
12:00 - Free time. I walk around town, go to a market, read, watch TV, etc.
1:30 - Lunch (usually soup and then a main dish. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day here.)
2:00 - Walk to the orphanage with Katie and Heidi
2:30 - Arrive at the orphanage and begin painting or playing with the girls
6:00 - Leave the orphanage
6:30 - Arrive home. We usually watch TV, go to the supermarket, clean up our rooms, nap, etc.
7:30 - Supper (usually soup or a different version of the main dish from lunch)
After supper, we usally sit around and talk with Yoni and Wendy then watch a movie or TV for awhile.
10:30 - I´m usually ready to go to bed at this point (partly because it is so cold and all the covers on my bed sound like a really good idea!)

So there you go... an average, not too exciting day in Peru.

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