Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day Two...

As the trip goes on I´m sure I won´t be updating this often but so much is happening right now! So I´ll try to pick up where I left off yesterday.

1) At orientation, we learned some basics about the program. They also recommended some good places to eat and shop that would be safe for us. Then we were told more about where our volunteer programs would be. I´ll be working at San Judas, an orphanage for girls, every day from 3:30 till 6:30. After we learned about our placements we had to take a Spanish placement test, complete with an audio section and an interview. It was a little overwhelming. I found out this morning that I am in Beginner 2 and will have class each day from 9 till 11. I´m hoping to move up a class before I leave but I think wehre I am is a good fit for right now.

2) After orientation, I took a walk with Michelle and we explored the area around the school and got some money. After that I stayed at the school and killed some time until our visit to the orphanage. One of the coordinators, Jonothan took me, Heidi (one of my housemates) and a girl named Jaime to the orphanage. It´s really nice and I should have some more information about it next time I update, since I will be volunteering there this afternoon. We´ll have to take a bus to get there but it only costs 60 centimos each way (around 25 cents... maybe).

3) After the visit, Jonothan dropped me off in the same area as my house. I got to the street my house was on but couldn´t remember the number or what it looked like! I was feeling very tired and sick and found a bench to sit on until I saw someone I recognized. A few minutes later, Jonothan came with my housemate, Heidi. They had gone to get Heidi´s luggage, which had been lost at the airport. So now I know my house number: A7.

4) Once I got home (around 5:30), I went to bed and almost immediately fell asleep. My house mom, Yoni, came and woke me up around 8:30 and I was very confused. I had no idea what day it was or whether it was morning or night. I figured it out when she asked me if I wanted cena (aka supper). I still wasn´t feeling well but it seemed rude to refuse so I went downstairs. I didn´t eat much but the roll and rice that I did have tasted good and another class of coca tea seemed to help a lot too. I ended up watching an episode of The Office with my housemates and went to bed around 10:30. I slept very well.

5) This morning we had breakfast (bread, jam, fresh watermelon juice and tea) which I think is going to be my favorite meal of the day. Then I walked to the school with Heidi and Becky, two of my housemates. My class is taught completely in Spanish but after a half hour I began to understand more of what was going on.

Well, I better get going if I´m going to make it home for lunch. I´ll update soon with more information about the orphanage and (hopefully) some pictures.

More later...


toomanyboyz said...

Hey Little Beth,

Sue and I just read your blog. Sounds like your day was full and you learned alot in one day. We hope your day is a good one. We will be praying for you.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I miss you. I'm glad you got there ok, even if it did take a little bit of time. I hope you're having fun and everything is working out ok. Can you still go on facebook? Well take lots of pictures and i can't wait to read the next post. Love you and miss you bunches.

Anonymous said...

a housemate named Becky? She must be pretty cool, but obviously not cooler than me, Booky.

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth

Wow! It sure sounds like you are having an amazing experience. We will be praying for you, and we are glad you are feeling better.

Lots of love and prayers,
Lori Taylor (Brian, Megan, and Hope, too!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth!!! It looks like you are having such a great time!!! We miss you, but you aren't missing much fun with this weather :( Have fun and keep us posted!