Saturday, June 14, 2008

Whitewater Rafting!

I went Whitewater Rafting today. It was definitely the coolest thing I have done since I got here and I had a really great time. I was supposed to go with a girl I had met in Houston, Michelle, but she was too sick to go. When I found this out I almost changed my mind but I decided to go anyway.
Around 15 people went all together, but I was the only person from my school. Their were three ladies from Florida and the rest of the group was from the Air Force Academy in NC. On the bus I started talking with one of the ladies from Florida and I hung out with them for most of the day.
Our bus ride to the river was around two hours but it was very interesting since we were winding through the mountains. It was my first time out of Cuzco and it was nice being able to drive through the countryside.
Sadly, today was the first overcast day since I got here. I would guess that the temperature was around 60 degrees today... not perfect rafting weather. We were outfitted in wet suits, jackets, life jackets, and helmets, so all of the layers helped to keep us warm. Yoni also lent me a pair sandals since I had forgotten mine at home.
The actual rafting trip was pretty exciting. Our raft became stuck a couple of times and one time we were completely stuck and our raft began filling with water. It was almost completely underwater before we were able to get ourselves unstuck. While our raft was filling with water, I lost Yoni´s sandals. I haven´t told her yet but I´m sure she´ll be very understanding.
We ended up rafting for around two or three hours. It was a lot of fun but was cold towards the
end. If you ever travel to Peru, schedule time for a rafting trip. It was an awesome way to see some beautiful scenery and things you never would have been able to see from the road.
At the end of our trip we had a nice lunch (and hot chocolate) and then drove home. I just met one of my new house mates. She seems really nice and is from New Zealand. She should be a good addition to our house.
Well, I need to get home because I am still freezing from this afternoon.
More later...


Anna said...

Beth, you are a super blogger! Wow, you update like every day! I'm glad to hear that you are having fun. :)

Love you!


Caitlin said...

ooo, whitewater rafting sounds really fun. i bet you had really pretty surroundings. have you been to machu picchu yet? i assume no, since you haven't written about it yet.